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Mark Waddington Director of Development, St Virgil’s College

St Virgil's College App

“‘The SVC App has literally placed all of the College’s key communications platforms in the palm of every parents hand!
The App seamlessly integrates with our website and allows parents to receive push notifications to keep them up to date
with every aspect of life at St Virgil’s. Our parents love it and it is simple for staff to manage”.


Your App, Brand, Users, Content & Control

Yes, your own branded & named app available in both Google Play & Apple Store

IOS & Android

All mobile devices
(smartphones & tablets)

Your Brand

Your logo, look & feel

Review, Analyse &

Easy to use back-end for
push notifications, content
creations, info collection &

Fully Managed
Created, published &
looked after by us
Push News & Content

Push notifications, events,
posts, articles & alerts

24/7 Community

Content delivery, social
media sharing & user form

Industry Solutions

Car Dealerships


Schools & Colleges

Auscomp School App

Ride Sharing


Key Features

User Management


Login, forgot password and registration.

User profile

Let your users reveal themselves.

Public/private restrictions

Define the zones of the app that require authentication.

List of users

Discover who your biggest fan is!

Push Notifications

Notify & GEO target users

of new messages or events without the need to actually open the application – the same way a Text/SMS message will sound & appear on the user’s screen – without the costs.

Set notifications

To open app, an external link or go to a specific section in your app.

Send now or schedule

Push messages can be scheduled for a specific date

Target user

Send to all or specific users

Latest News / Posts

Fetch news & posts from your existing website

WordPress,, Blogger & RSS all supported.

Create news posts & articles

Easy to use Content Management System back-end.

List and page views

Switch between news in scrollable lists or page views.

News Page

Events image, title, date, time & description.

Calendar / Events

Fetch events from your existing calendar

iCal/vCal, Google calendars all supported.

Create events

Easy to use Content Management System back-end.

List & page view

Switch between events in scrollable lists or page views.

Events Page

Events image, title, date & time, description, location map.

Photos & Videos

Fetch videos & photos

YouTube, Vimeo & Picassa all supported.

Upload or embed videos & photos

Easy to use Content Management System back-end.

List & page views

Switch between scrollable lists or page views.

Media Page

Watch videos or view photos using sliders.



Collect information with simple to use forms.

Let users upload content

Uploaded photos or text are collected in the easy to use Content Management System back-end.

Easy to use Back-end Administration

Send unique actionable and automatic push notifications

  • Have you ever wanted to send unique, actionable and visible push notifications? Advanced settings lets you craft the perfect message. Choose an original ringtone, and let everyone know this push is from you. Insert a link and redirect them to the desired landing page when they open the notification.  If you want, you can activate and display a badge above your branded icon on the springboard each time a notification is received to signal to your users that something is waiting for them in their app.
  • You can automatically deliver push notifications to your users. If you don’t have the time to send a notification after writing the latest article on your blog, turn on automatic notifications to trigger one as soon as your article is online. Make automatic notifications recognizable by adding a prefix to your messages in order to keep your audience informed.

Create and manage content such as

  • Latest news/articles
  • Events – including maps and call to action
  • Video and photo galleries
  • Form entries

Comprehensive statistics & analytics

So you can identify trends to increase and improve engagement with your app users.

99cents (per App User per Month)

No App Store Submission Cost

There are 2 pricing models:


The App User# Pays.

The app costs 99c subscription per month to download from the app stores.
No cost to the app owner.


The App Owner# Pays.

The app is free to download from app store
No cost to the app user. The app owner pays for the number of apps installed.

Choose Your Pricing Model

All prices are in US Dollars

Pricing Model APP User Pays APP Owner Pays
User Pays

per Month


per App


per App

Owner Pays

per Month


per App


per App

Cost of App in Store $0.99 $0

Native IOS App Development

table-ico-2-1 table-ico-2-1

Native Android App Development

table-ico-2-1 table-ico-2-1

Submission to Apple Store

table-ico-2-1 table-ico-2-1

Submission to Google Play Store

table-ico-2-1 table-ico-2-1
Branding table-ico-2-1 table-ico-2-1
1st Month FREE table-ico-2-1 table-ico-2-1
Push Notifications per Month 100,000* 100,000*
Content / Features See list See list
Back-end Management System table-ico-2-1 table-ico-2-1
Support & Updates table-ico-2-1 table-ico-2-1

# An App User is anyone who installs the App on a device.
# The App Owner is the “Company, Organisation or Entity” the App has been developed & branded for.
* Flat $20 for 100,000 supplemental push notifications.

Get Started – No Obligation

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