Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The steps to get your app published and operational

Remember, there is no upfront cost and the 1st month is free, so really no risk at all.

  1. Fill out the get started form
  2. We’ll review it and get back to you if we need more information.
  3. Then we’ll create your branded app and give you access to review and test it.
  4. We’ll also give you access to your back-end where you can review the app and learn how to operate push notifications, create content and review all the statistics so you can get the most out of your investment.
  5. As soon as you’re happy and get your go-ahead, we publish it to the Apple and Google Play store.
  6. You promote the app to your users (we’ll give you the download link including button art).
  7. Now see your app user base grow.
2-3 weeks

From the time you contact us to have your app developed, tested and published in the Apple and Google Play stores.

There is an easy to use back-end administration system for you to manage any push notifications to all your app users.

Send unique actionable and automatic push notifications:

  • Have you ever wanted to send unique, actionable and visible push notifications? Advanced settings lets you craft the perfect message. Choose an original ringtone, and let everyone know this push is from you. Insert a link and redirect them to the desired landing page when they open the notification.  If you want, you can activate and display a badge above your branded icon on the springboard each time a notification is received to signal to your users that something is waiting for them in their app.
  • You can automatically deliver push notifications to your users. If you don’t have the time to send a notification after writing the latest article on your blog, turn on automatic notifications to trigger one as soon as your article is online. Make automatic notifications recognizable by adding a prefix to your messages in order to keep your audience informed.
We’ve tried very hard to make our solution as cost effective as possible.

So the simple answer is no. However, we do keep a “wish list” where you can submit your requests at any time.

We use this list whenever we make updates, so there is a big chance that your wanted item may well show up in a future release.

Yes, we always listen and are grateful for any suggestions to improve our service.

Please use this form to submit your feature request.

Yes, the built-in CMS (Content Management System) is all you need.

Use it to send push notifications and create and manage content in the back-end.

The built-in CMS let’s you create and manage content such as:
  • Latest news/articles
  • Events – including maps and call to action
  • Video and photo galleries
  • Form entries
The back-end system gives you access to comprehensive statistics.

So you can identify trends to increase and improve engagement with your app users.


Correct. All totally risk free.
  • No upfront development cost.
  • No setup cost.
  • No App and Google Play store submission cost and
  • 1st Month free

This means you can start creating your app user base without any risk or upfront costs!

Yes. Cancel at any time.

Just give us 30 days notice and we’ll remove the app from the app stores and stop providing the service to your app users.

100,000 per month.

It costs only $20 for each additional 100,000.